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JHJ Training is a highly focused organisation with many years of collective experience in the structuring, organisation and marketing of strategic and specialised training programs and to provide the highest quality and most relevant programs, enabling our clients to maximise their own potential and remain current, relevant and at the cutting edge of their chosen fields.

Our objective and responsibility is to facilitate progress and development through organising training programmes that equip individuals with knowledge and skills.








Interactive Training Approach

Our training approach focuses on Participation, customised development tailored for organisational specific needs. All training is co-operative and outcomes based. We aim for professionalism, dynamic programmes and an innovative approach through our training courses.
  • "Very friendly and have excellent knowledge about Excel. Very helpful in my day-to-day work activities. Learned a lot, thank you."

    Anton de Klerk, Mercedes-Benz

  • "This was awesome! Very professional, friendly and engaging." "It was exceptionally professional. Very insightful and eye-opening about self-discovery and dealing with stress." "Very well presented, one of the best in-house courses I have ever attended. Well put together!!!" "Very professional and friendly. Everything was above and beyond my expectations." "JHJ expert is an excellent communicator, engaging, humourous and expressive. I really learned very necessary tools for coping & understanding stress." "JHJ is great! Understood and believed in the course and what you can achieve by applying what we learned. Great tools, easy to grasp." "I have learned a lot and you have empowered me with more than what I expected to help me. Well presented and powerful. Very relevant to our everyday living." "Excellent! And here I thought I knew everything about the topic. Well presented. Julle kan maar!"

    Ernest M, Bongani N, Amadeu C, Lindiwe M, Tamariske M, David M, Claudette G, Denise W, PSG

  • "Brilliantly presented and appropriate." "Excellent presentation & people skills + exceptional knowledge. You really can 'teach an old dog new tricks'." "The course is brilliant, sophisticated and exactly what one needs to better the standard of work." "Very informative and advanced training. Very professional and planned out properly." "Excellent knowledge on the subject, learnt a lot."

    Justin E, Justin H, Lwando G,Vuyisani T, Andries G, Real People

  • "The course was very informative, I really enjoyed the training and learnt so much. JHJ was able to explain in terms everyone understood and was patient as well as helpful whenever some of the delegates got a bit behind."

    Michele Oosthuizen, Auram Restaurants Company (Pty) Ltd t/a McDonald's SA

  • "Service is excellent and the knowledge we've gained is perfectly accurate, extremely necessary and totally applicable and relevant to our jobs. The presentation was exciting, clear and precise and explained everything effectively."

    Glenda Mogashoa, NTK Landbou